Simple Way to Make Favorite Salted Egg Prawns or Shrimp LCHF Keto

Hey everyone, hope you're having an amazing day today. Today, we're going to prepare a special dish, salted egg prawns or shrimp lchf keto. One of my favorites. This time, I'm gonna make it a little bit unique. This will be really delicious.

Salted Egg Prawns or Shrimp LCHF Keto has become the favorite food menus that are sought by many people people throughout the internet. In case you are the individual that is looking to get the recipe information, then here is the right website page. We convey the steps to how to cook with the ingredients needed. Make sure you also display related videos as additional information.

Salted Egg Prawns or Shrimp LCHF Keto instructions Melt butter in pan. Add dash of salt, pepper, to taste, and a few drops of soy seasoning. Toss in the shrimps or prawns.

Salted Egg Prawns or Shrimp LCHF Keto

To begin with this particular recipe, we must first prepare a few components. You could cook Salted Egg Prawns or Shrimp LCHF Keto using 8 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Salted Egg Prawns or Shrimp LCHF Keto

  1. It's 1/4-1/2 of kilo prawns or shrimp (depends how big they are), washed and whiskers cut.
  2. Make ready 2-3 of salted eggs, shelled and minced.
  3. You need 1/8-1/4 c of nestle or all purpose cream.
  4. Get 1/4-1/2 head of medium garlic, minced.
  5. You need 1/4 bar of butter, or less up to you.
  6. Take of to taste salt and pepper,.
  7. You need of to taste knorr seasoning or soy seasoning,.
  8. Prepare 1 stalk of green onions, chopped.

Step by step to make Salted Egg Prawns or Shrimp LCHF Keto

  1. Melt butter in pan. Toss in garlic. Don't brown..
  2. Add the salted eggs. Add the cream, stir in. Add dash of salt, pepper, to taste, and a few drops of soy seasoning (optional)..
  3. Taste and adjust. Add more cream if desired..
  4. Toss in the shrimps or prawns. Make sure the sauce is mixed in well. Cook until orange..
  5. Remove once shrimps/prawns are cooked. Research how long to cook, because it depends on the size. :).

So that's going to wrap it up with this special food salted egg prawns or shrimp lchf keto recipe. Thank you very much for reading. I'm sure you can make this at home. There is gonna be interesting food in home recipes coming up. Remember to bookmark this page on your browser, and share it to your family, friends and colleague. Thanks again for reading. Go on get cooking!

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